12 May 2022

My favourite project: Damen Multi Buster 8020

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Sajan Karolkuni, Project Manager of the pioneering Damen Multi Buster 8020, a multi purpose offshore vessel, is in no doubt that this project is a highlight in his 15-year career with Damen Shipyards.

As well as being a prototype, the Damen Multi Buster 8020 is the first time that Albwardy Damen, based in Sharjah in the UAE, has been responsible for a complete turnkey newbuilding project. Usually, a new vessel type would be constructed at the Group’s headquarters in the Netherlands.

This vessel is a multifunctional, diesel electric, DP2 vessel with shallow draught capabilities of only 3.4 metres. The new type has 800 m2 of deck space, which makes it suitable for a large range of operations in all waters. Additionally, with the entire deck having a 10 tonne per m2 loading capacity, the Multi Buster is suitable for hot/welding works on the deck.

Designed to beach, and having a Cleanship, Green Passport, COMF3, Fi-Fi 1 and diving support capabilities will definitely serve all the needs of the operators. The vessel has a capacity for 60 persons in modern and comfortable accommodation. Sajan comments: “We have built many famous Damen tugboats here but it is fantastic to be building this new vessel, which has never been seen before in the industry. And we are responsible for the complete project, from basic design and detailed engineering, to procurement and production.”

The introduction of diesel electric propulsion and DP2 capabilities are also elements that make this project special for the yard, he adds. “This has been a challenge for us, we didn’t have a reference point, but the team has been fully focused and we have ultimately built a great Damen vessel.” At 80 metres long, this is also the first time Albwardy Damen has built such a large vessel at its facility.

With the keel laying taking place in January 2020, the multi purpose offshore vessel was launched on schedule on 2 August, 2021 and successful sea trials were carried out in November. And in Q1 2022, the Damen Multi Buster (MuBu) 8020 will be equipped with an active heave compensated offshore crane, which has a lifting capacity of 65 tonnes at a 9.6 metres radius and 13.5 tonnes at a 29.9 metres radius.

Sajan emphasises: “I am so proud of the team, and of our yard. With the successful completion of the Damen Multi Buster 8020, it also proves that Albwardy Damen is all set to build more complex Damen vessels within our facility. I remember that when I joined we were building yard number 005 and right now we are building yard number 130! I am so proud to be part of most of those yard numbers and part of the Damen family.”

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