Multibuster 8020






The Multibuster 8020 is an answer to multiple, varied market demands. It offers much-called for versatility to fulfil a diverse, cross-sectoral range of tasks. The vessel’s multi-functional capability is aided by both its shallow draught and DP2 capabilities, ensuring its suitability both nearshore and offshore. At the same time, the vessel addresses growing demands for safety and comfort, including uncluttered working areas and high standard accommodation.


Key figures


Speed (approx.)
11 kn
Bollard pull, aft azimuths only (approx.)
45 t
Bollard pull (max.) approx.
60 t
Station keeping
Dynamic positioning at current
0.75 m/s

Deck equipment

Cable carousel capacity
ca. 350 mt
Main сrane short boom
65 t @ 9.6 m
Main сrane max outreach
13.5 t @ 30 m
Secondary сrane
18.9 t @ 4.7 m
Secondary crane max outreach
6.4 t @ 12.6 m
Tugger winch 2x
10 t @ 150 m

Let us help you to suit your needs

Our Multibusters flourish in specific jobs: versatile profile, shallow draught operations, transport of cargo and crew.