Environmental dredging

Dredging for the future

How to dredge a river with polluted sediments, or how to clean a settling pond or rehabilitate a contaminated lake? Whether for management of tailings storage facilities or for maintenance of tailings dams or slime dams - precision dredging, maximum mixture concentration and minimising turbidity are vital.

Environmental dredging

Key to the future

Dredging has a role in helping to safeguard the environment. Contaminated sediments in waterways can be removed to be cleaned or stored safely.

Pump it up

DOP pumps

Sand, gravel, silt, mud, slurry, slime – the DOP Dredge Pump can handle it all. A versatile, high mixture concentration precision dredging tool, the DOP is perfect for working in challenging environments. Available in both hydraulic and zero emission electrical forms.

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DOP Dredger

Easily adapted to your dredging depth

The DOP Dredger is entirely adaptable to your dredge project set-up. It offers maximum mixture concentration as a result of its submerged dredge pump. The DOP Dredger is easily transportable due its modular design to reach the remotest locations.

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