Offshore and inland mining

Building for tomorrow

The demand for sand and gravel for the construction industry in ceaseless. Mining activity, offshore and inland, therefore never stops. Large scale sand dredging and aggregate excavation at sea is done using specially adapted hopper dredgers.

Offshore and inland mining

Dredging offshore

With rising demand for construction material our job is to provide you with high productivity, low maintenance dredgers that offer utmost reliability for minimal downtime.

CSD Armed to the teeth


Onshore mining can be done efficiently using a dedicated sand mining dredger. The design of the CSDs is based on high wear resistance, practical maintenance and decades of experience. Let us introduce you to our Cutter Suction Dredger range, and you will see the designs fit the purpose of efficient dredging.
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Our TSHD range includes specific models dedicated to efficient near shore sand mining. Combined with the right equipment to get the sand cargo on land effectively these are the practical tools for the job. The TSHDs can handle up to 5.000 m3.
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Don't get even, get MAD


Damen's Marine Aggregate Dredger range uses innovative marine engineering to ensure safe, comfortable offshore operations, even in adverse sea conditions. This efficient dredger can operate at great depth and offers dry, autonomous cargo offloading to shore.
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DOP dredgers

Inland mining pits can obtain important depths. For these the easily adaptable DOP Dredgers are the right tool for the job. They can be adapted to increasing dredging depth easily due to their modular design.
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