Active Fishing

Need for nutrition

Marine fisheries have grown strong in size and efficiency over the decades. Trawling constitutes an important part of this sector and provides high quality seafood. Through technological improvements (digitalization in detection, automation in catch and processing and improvement on storage and product quality preservation) and behavioral changes, the fishing sector can substantially decrease the damage to aquatic ecosystems, reduce emissions and lower its fuel costs. It is our responsibility to fulfil this need.  

Wet fish trawler

The most sustainable fishing vessel

The Damen Wet fish trawler is ideal for fishing with the ‘flyshooting’ method. This is a special method which significantly reduces the requirement to drag the net through the water, allowing the use of a smaller engine.
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Beam trawler

Natural selection is not evolution

Throughout the decades all sorts of technical development were implemented in our trawlers. Building hundreds of these sophisticated trawlers - all slightly better than their predecessor proves that we've gone through the evolution step by step.
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Shrimp Trawler

Safe and sturdy

Fuel consumption is the major cost driver in the operation to fish (tropical) shrimps. De market demands a vessel, safe and sturdy and easy in maintenance. So, Damen Maaskant developed such a vessel with focus on reducing emission and fuel consumption as much as possible.
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