Designed for low fuel consumption

Shrimp Trawlers

Shrimp Trawlers

Safe and sturdy

The Damen Shrimp Trawler is a brand-new design, developed as a straightforward standard vessel, to fish (sub)tropical shrimps. It is safe, sturdy and easy to maintain, with a focus on low fuel consumption.

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The Shrimp Trawler is easy to maintain and service and the standardisation of equipment ensures the constant availability of spare parts. The basic vessel can be upgraded with optional extras.

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Need more in depth specifications about technical details? Go to our product view and download the product sheets.

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Your maritime solutions partner

Buying a vessel from Damen is so much more than just ‘getting a new boat’. It includes a variety of financing possibilities. It’s about choosing where you want your vessel built. Plus, our service continues throughout your ship’s entire lifecycle.

Tailored lifecycle support

Whatever maritime sector you work in, Damen Services is there for you 24/7. Always on standby.

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Built at the location of your choice

You don’t have to build a Damen vessel at a Damen yard. We can support construction at any yard in the world.

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Level-headed financing solutions

We provide a wide range of financing arrangements for all types of Damen vessels, equipment and products.

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