Passive Fishing

Low impact seafood harvesting

Many of the currently applied passive fishing techniques date back to ancient history. Fishing always played an important role in feeding the world’s population. To satisfy this need we have developed a variety of modern fishing vessels over the years, each of which is set up for your dedicated fishing technique.


Hook up

Sustainable fishing with a gentle catching method: longlining. Baited hooks hanging from a single line can be set for pelagic or demersal fishing. The Damen Longliner is provided with an efficient and safe moonpool line hauling arrangement.
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Lower carbon foodprint

Wild, pelagic catch has a lower carbon footprint than numerous other food sources, including farmed meats and fish. Fish caught in this way do not require artificial feeding or the use of depleted water supplies. Our Damen Crab Catcher ensures the safest method to catch and process the catch for optimal quality.

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