Integrated Logistics Support

ILS programmes

It is the aim of Damen Services to keep your vessel underway. To help you to maximise your uptime in order to make your business a success.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is increasingly applied in the commercial and coastguard sectors today. If requested, Damen can supply a customised ILS programme with our newly built products.

Since ILS programmes are originally designed for military vessels, we closely cooperate with the design team of the vessel and our naval shipyard and ILS expertise centre, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS).

ILS programmes include

  • Logistic support analyses

  • Lifecycle cost & availability, reliability and maintainability calculations

  • Supply chain analyses

  • Facility and training analyses

  • Technical documentation solutions

Our ILS programmes are based on the latest military and commercial standards to ensure the highest quality.

ILS interactive approach

Eighty percent of operational availability and lifecycle costs are determined during the design and construction of each vessel. We anticipate this by including ILS programmes with our newly built products. With the inclusion of ILS programmes, Damen retains a design to maintain principle. ILS is a structured and interactive approach to logistics. It ensures that all support resources necessary to operate and maintain systems and equipment throughout the vessel’s lifecycle are correctly identified and are consistent with the proposed product design and support environments. In other words, by applying ILS, Damen ensures the requested operational profile is achieved.

Best practice ILS package

For a customer in the Middle East, Damen has been involved in the design, engineering, construction and delivery of two Offshore Patrol Vessels. Based on the operational profile of the vessels, Damen delivered an ILS package. The programme included extensive operator training, both at OEM premises and on board the vessels at the building yard. A separate maintenance training for the shore-based maintenance crew has been developed. All maintenance tasks have been analysed and merged into a tailor-made maintenance plan supporting the lifecycle of the ships.

Damen performed systems maintenance during the installation of the weapons systems. Comprehensive documentation with Vessel Operating Manuals and quick reference cards ensure that the crew has all information on board about operation of the systems available at all times.

Damen has tailored an on board spares package based on the operational profile of the vessels as well as an additional base, on-shore spares package. With the delivery of this package, the customer is able to ensure availability of its vessels.

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