Moored where you need it

FBS500 Floating Booster Station

Wherever you need some extra power

A land-based booster is practical for its accessibility, yet we can easily supply floating Booster Stations as well. This is quite logical, seeing that you would want it located at the optimal distance from the main dredger.

Simply afloat

Complete floating unit

The Booster Station is placed on standard pontoons and moored where you need it. The floating unit is self-sufficient and monitored and controlled from the dredge.

Practical design

The floating booster is of a functional design. The pontoons can be moored easily, and the booster is positioned with sufficient deck space around it to allow for safe working conditions of the maintenance crew. The delivery is complete with a short length of steel suction and discharge piping including sniffers to connect to the project piping. On deck a diesel tank is located.

Plenty of power

For this floating unit, a standard Booster Station BS500 has been used. It is powered by an IMO Tier III Caterpillar diesel engine of 954 kilowatts. The high efficiency Damen dredge pump has an impeller design of four double curved vanes, designed using the latest CFX technology.

Getting started

After transport to the job site, the booster undergoes final testing before the action begins. Damen Field Service Engineers can assist you in getting the dredge job kickstarted.

Customised work space

The floating booster is literally based on standard pontons. Built together, they form the work platform for the floating Booster Station. As these pontoons are standard from stock, more units can be used to create additional work deck or storage space. The pontoons have a high deck load capacity and can be fitted out with bollards, removable railings, navigation lights – exactly following your requirements.