Vital infrastructure needs constant maintenance

Hydropower dam maintenance

Clean energy needs clean inlets

Hydropower plants are a vital part of the energy transition. With a world hungry for more green power, hydropower dams are the focus of attention. To ensure operational reliability, turbine inlets need to be continuously cleared of sedimentation.

Maintenance dredging

Removing sedimentation continuously

The question why hydropower dam reservoirs need continuous dredging is easily answered. As a hydropower dam blocks the flow of a river or stream, the sediment transport of this waterway is obstructed. As a result, this sediment will accumulate in the reservoir, usually against the hydropower dam initially. The turbine inlets will clog, resulting in a suboptimal use of the energy plant. That is where the deep dredgers come in.

Dredging deeper

Generally speaking, a water reservoir at a power dam is quite a large body of water. This results in a high dam, and therefore sedimentation at impressive dredging depths. DOP Dredgers can easily adapt to these deep dredging situations.

Sediment disposal

Dredging is not only focusing on the dredging depth, hence the suction side of the process, it also has to focus on the discharge side of the dredge process. Where is the sediment pumped to, is the disposal area near or is there a discharge distance to be bridged? A DOP Dredger can easily add a booster pump on deck should the dredge job require it.

Project Assistance

As the DOP Dredger can work 24/7, it may need a workboat to assist it for crew transfers, fuel transport, repositioning the anchors or for the delivery of spare parts. These auxiliary boats can be part of the dredge package delivery.

Practical transport

Wherever your power dam is located, we will get your dredger on location. The modular and containerised design ensures practical and economical transport. Moreover, the limited unit weight ensures the local availability of a crane for fast mobilisation .

What is your dredging depth?

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