Continuous use of the floating dock assured

DOP Dredger 250

Floating challenge

Sediment gathering under a floating dock can be a nuisance for a shipyard’s operation. At Mar del Plata, Argentina, the solution was found in a customised DOP Dredger.

Do not move

Dredging underneath a floating dock

The floating dock of SPI Astilleros yard in Mar del Plata is in continuous use. There is no time to move the dock out and dredge the area regularly. The solution has been found in a dedicated DOP Dredger, designed for removing the silt and sand gathered underneath the floating dock.

Dedicated to the job

The dredger at work in Argentina is a fully customised DOP Dredger 250. Based on the standard components, it has been adapted to be able to reach underneath the floating dock. The suction head used at the end of the ladder is a sand suction head with jet water assistance. This pressurised water will refloat the sedimentation and boost the dredge pump’s mixture concentration.

Practical package delivery

All main components have been manufactured at a Damen yard. These include the winch platform, the comfortable control cabin suited for one-man control, the diesel-hydraulic power pack, as well as the jet water pack. Yet, the pontoons and gantry are made locally, making use of local expertise.

Ample power

All power on board is ensured by a diesel-hydraulic power pack. The pack, with fully sound attenuating casing, is located on deck behind the operating cabin without obstructing the view. The pack includes a 1,200 litre hydraulic oil tank and a 700 litre diesel tank. And practical as always, the pack is transportable in a 20’ open top container.

Cutting edge technology

The DOP Dredger 250 has an interesting extra: the suction ladder with the sand mining head can be removed to be replaced by a cutter head . This hydraulically-driven cutter is mounted directly at the suction side of the submersible pump. The cutter breaks up cohesive soils and ensures maximum dredging production.

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