Delivering safe and reliable ocean access

TSHD 650 Tommy Norton

First dredger built for Australia

The first dredger to be built by Damen Shipyards Group for Australia is the 60-metre Tommy Norton built for Port of Gippsland Lakes. The dredger delivers safe and reliable ocean access for commercial vessels, oil & gas suppliers and the fishing fleet that cross the entrance bar to the Gippsland Lakes area. Ocean access through the entrance is critical to support and sustain commercial and recreational maritime activities, which are of vital importance to the local economy. The maintenance dredging also helps reduce the risk of flooding to local communities.
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Smart hull design

Double walled fuel tanks for a reduced risk of spill. Capacity to lighten itself and reduce its draught in shallow waters. Twin azimuth propulsion units and bow thruster for manoeuvrability. Echo sounders located fore and aft to provide accurate depth data.

Dredging automation and navigation

Extended dredge automation and tracking system. Automatically records time, location and quantities of dredged material. Fully electronic chart system, monitoring wind, sea state, current and other conditions.

Bridge design

Enhanced bridge design with improved space, layout, visibility and working conditions. Full bridge controls for all engine and dredging functions.


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