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26 August 2021

Goodbye Galati!

Last week, during a beautiful early morning both the Amherst Islander II and Wolfe Islander IV were captured at the yard in Galati for the very last time! One by one the vessels sailed at their own keel towards Constanta, located at the Black Sea. At this location the vessels are prepared for transport, all systems have been shut down. Early this week the semi-submersible transport vessel Super Servant 4 arrived on site, preparations are done and shortly both ferries will be loaded onto the vessel. By the end of this week the Super Servant 4 will depart from Romania only to arrive in a few weeks’ time in Canada. We wish Amherst Islander II and Wolfe Islander IV a safe homecoming!

June 2021

Ontario ferries together in dry dock

With the upcoming deliveries, both the Amherst Islander II and Wolfe Islander IV went together into the dry dock for a final underwater inspection. Both vessels are cleaned and thoroughly inspected. Provided with Ice Class rated paint on their underwater hulls, which forms a though protection layer against damages. After the sea trials of Wolfe Islander IV, which are scheduled soon, both vessels will be prepared for transport.
May 2021

Amherst Islander II passes first trials at sea

Mid-April Amherst Islander II went out for her maiden voyage. The Road Ferry set sail from the Romanian yard in Galati to the Black Sea, to perform her sea trials. The first day of trials started with rough weather, entering the sea channel was with that directly a proper test for the vessel, and the 35 persons on board.. During trials her hybrid heart showed its great value...due to the absence of the shore charging facilities, which will be available in Canada, the generators on board were used to recharge her batteries.

Tests were mostly performed on battery power only, sailing away very silently across the Black Sea. However, both hybrid and diesel modes were extensively tested and with success!

Amherst Islander II is now being prepared for delivery and waiting for Wolfe Islander IV to be ready. Both vessels will be transported at the same time to their final destination, the province of Ontario.

March – April 2021

Waiting for the action!

Quiet times at the Amherst Islander II, while the road ferry is waiting for her final trials at the Black Sea. The well trained eye will notice that this electric operating vessel, does have exhaust pipes and generators on board. To obtain maximum redundancy under different circumstances she carries, besides her batteries, two (2) diesel generators on board. The Amherst Islander II is therefore capable to sail full electric, as a hybrid and solely on diesel power.

January 2021

Heading for sea trials

Both the MTO ferries are currently located closely together at the quay of Damen shipyard Galati. Where commissioning on the Wolfe Islander IV is still in full progress, the Amherst Islander II is being checked, finalised and prepared for sea trials! The sea trails at the Black Sea will commence within a short period of time for the Amherst Islander II, shortly after followed by the Wolfe Islander IV. After the challenging construction period we faced last year, we look forward to set sail for the first time with these innovative ferries!

November – December 2020

Moving forward in challenging times

Moving forward in challenging times, is the main goal for the shipyard in Galati. To provide additional safety for our employees and co-makers, on top of the already existing safety measures, Damen has implemented the 'Green Corridor' principle. This is a restricted and controlled area, solely intended for personnel required for each project. Personnel working in the 'Green Corridor' is tested frequently and the number of persons is restricted, pending the size of a project. With this principle Damen ensures progress and most importantly, takes care of the safety of all involved.

Meanwhile, the Wolfe Islander IV is slowly coming to life. Her first systems are running, the commissioning has begun! In this phase all systems are started for the first time and are tested one by one.

Major construction and installations works have been completed, the majority of the remaining work includes the completion of her modern interior style. In Q1 of 2021 she will set sail for the first time to the Black Sea for her sea trials.

October 2020

Unveiling of interior design

This is what Wolfe Islander IV is going to look like inside! It will be an ultramodern interior, inspired by the vessel's home port. The typical stones of Wolfe Island are depicted on the wall as well as a top view of the island. In the vessel the same materials will be used as for Amherst Islander II, showing the connection between these two electric Road Ferries for Ontario.

September 2020

Next milestone for "Wolfe Islander IV" achieved

Friday September-11 was an exciting day for Wolfe Islander IV, as the 98 metres long Road Ferry reached the next milestone, being launched! In the beautiful sunny morning in Galati, the launching took place in the dock in which the ferry is built.

Due to the current circumstances, it is not possible to travel to Galati, but via a live stream those involved from Canada (in the middle of the night!) and the Netherlands could follow the ceremony virtually.

The special event was accompanied by speeches on behalf of MTO, among others, and best wishes of Lady Sponsor Mrs. Heather Roebuck. The vessel will now be further outfitted and completed from the water.

June 2020

Closer to completion

A lot of work is going on onboard the Wolfe Islander IV. Painting is in progress for the exterior and interior, equipment is being connected, cable pulling is in progress in combination with the HVAC system and preparations for the interior are being made. Currently the vessel is in a 80% state of completion and moving efficiently forward in today’s challenging times. The photos show an impression of the current status of Wolfe Islander IV on the move for further outfitting in drydock!

June 2020

Ready for the final

The past period the Amherst Islander II has been equipped with its full interior, with which she has entered the final phase to completion. Located on the quay of Damen Shipyards Galati, the road ferry is waiting until the moment the COVID-19 situation allows professionals to travel to Galati again to get the job done. After the final commissioning phase the Amherst Islander II will be ready to set sail for the first time towards her trials on the Black Sea. Check out the photos to get an idea of the current status of the vessel. Excuse the covered items for keeping the interior as tidy as possible.

April 2020

Processing kilometers of cables on board

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all employees of Damen Shipyards Galati, including all subcontractors, are working in shifts to ensure a safe working environment. While this is challenging, good progress is still being made on board. The erection of Wolfe Islander IV is completed! All sections have been successfully coupled. Inside the vessel most major equipment has been installed and outfitting works have started. The work include HVAC, piping, insulation and the pulling of no less than 90 kilometers of cable onboard the Damen Road Ferry 9819 E3.

April 2020

Local dry stone walls as inspiration for interior design

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all employees of Damen Shipyards Galati, including all subcontractors, are working in shifts to ensure a safe working environment. While this is challenging, good progress is still being made on board. Currently the Amherst Islander II is almost technically completed and her modern interior is very close to completion. The well trained eye will notice the ‘dry stone’ feature walls in the passenger areas. These feature walls are made from photos of the actual Amherst Island dry stone walls, captured by a local citizen.

March 2020

Construction of “Wolfe Islander IV” is progressing well

The construction of Wolfe Islander IV inside and out is progressing well. Very recently the (backup) generator is installed on board. Check out the photos to see this is a big job and precision work!

March 2020

Interior work is progressing at "Amherst Islander II"

Despite the Coronavirus we’re happy that the yard in Galati is still able to continue with the Ontario road ferries. The interior work is progressing at Amherst Islander II. Here’s a glimpse of the outside interior. Once the entire interior is finished completely we’ll show you more.

March 2020

Welcoming of main switchboards on board

While daily Class inspection on board the Wolfe Islander IV are witnessed closely by the Owner (ref. photo 1), also the main switchboards have been placed on board. With a weight of almost 10MT tons each, you can imagine this is a serious operation!

March 2020

Visitors from transport Canada

Transport Canada visited the Amherst Islander II in order to review the vessel in accordance with the Canadian regulations. This must be done before the vessel arrives in Canada.

February 2020

“Wolfe Islander IV” is progressing in dry dock

While the assembling work of Wolfe Islander IV in dry dock is continuing well, a number of functional rooms is ready to be painted. Take a look at the production photos and see the progress of the superstructure under construction as well.

February 2020

Commissioning of "Amherst Islander II"

Amherst Islander II is becoming more and more “green” as battery room 1 is provided with batteries now! Lots of commissioning work like cable pulling, making connections, providing insulation are on the planning. The wall - and ceiling installation work is progressing as well as functional tests of systems including the testing of the thrusters.

January 2020

Good progress of "Wolfe Islander IV"

Take a look at the amazing view on Wolfe Islander IV, being assembled in dry dock!

January 2020

Great view on the working ground of the "Amherst Islander II"

Check out the pictures of the working ground of the Damen Road Ferry 6819 E3 Amherst Islander II at Damen Shipyards Galati.

December 2019

Assembly of "Wolfe Islander IV" in drydock

All parts of the ship hull are gathered in the dry dock for assembly. Not only the hull is taking shape, but also the passenger area above the car deck is under construction already. The final shape of the Wolfe Islander IV is looming at the yard in Galati!

December 2019

Outfitting "Amherst Islander II"

While the Amherst Islander II is already in the water, the employees of Damen Shipyards Galati and subcontractors are working hard to commission the vessel. One by one all systems on board are being put into service, until the moment she will sail on her own power for the first time.

November 2019

Progress of "Wolfe Islander IV"

While the Amherst Islander II is launched on 14. November, the 99-metres long Wolfe Islander IV is currently under construction in the dry docks. The launching ceremony for this Damen Road Ferry 9819 E3 is scheduled for mid-2020. Check out the photos to view the progress of Wolfe Islander IV.

November 2019

Launching of "Amherst Islander II"

On the 14th of November the Amherst Islander II, a Damen Road Ferry 6819 E3, was launched at Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the owner, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario, Canada, as well as Damen personnel. Check out the visuals to get an impression of the launching ceremony.

October 2019

Outfitting blocks for "Wolfe Islander IV"

The construction of Wolfe Islander IV is based upon large 'blocks' which are completely outfitted and painted in a controlled environment, before being assembled in the dry dock. In total the complete vessel, up to main deck, contains of eight (8) of these massive outfitted blocks. Some weighing up to 56 MT each due to the Ice Class 1B hull!

September 2019

It’s the passengers, stupid!

Damen has come up with a way to ensure its public transportation vessels are tailored to hit the right spot for those travelling on them. Abstract from the presentation “It’s the passengers, stupid” by Henk Grunstra at the Canadian Ferries Association (CFA) in Saint John, New Brunswick 2019.

September 2019

The keel laying for Road Ferry 9819 E3 is a fact!

Under the watchful eye of the owner’s representative the official keel laying for the Wolfe Islander IV took place on Friday the 30th of August, 2019. The local surveyors of Classification Society Bureau Veritas have handed over the corresponding certificate. The construction of the sections for the Wolfe Islander IV is in full progress as there are at the moment already 15 sections, or more than 400 Tons of steel, in production.

August 2019

Good progress of "Amherst Islander II"

Under the clear blue skies of Galati, the yard is making good progress on the Amherst Islander II. She has completed her assembly on the slipway and the finalizing of the systems on board is now underway. The first of more than 70 kilometres of cable have been pulled and her fully-redundant dual main switchboards have been installed. The preparations for her final colour scheme are currently take place and before too long the Amherst Islander II will be seen in her full glory. Check out the photos to get an overall impression of this modern vessel.

July 2019

"Amherst Islander II" close to its final form

After the erection of all block sections of the vessel, the process of coupling these sections has started on the slipway! The sections are already pre-outfitted and painting has already started. The upcoming period the vessel will be fully assembled until the Amherst Islander II will take her final form.

June 2019

"Wolfe Islander IV": the first major milestone - the cutting of the first steel!

On the 10th of June 2019 the construction of the Wolfe Islander IV started by achieving the first major milestone: the cutting of the first steel! This 98-meter road ferry will have the capacity to transport 399 passengers and 80 cars (or 40 cars+4 trucks) and will be operational in Ontario, Canada, between Kingston and Wolfe Island. The vessel has the ability to sail fully electric and is therefore executed with a large battery capacity on board and shore based systems which allow the vessel to recharge during loading/unloading. The new vessel will be delivered late 2020 ex. Yard.

June 2019

"Amherst Islander II" takes shape!

All sections of the hull have been erected and painting has started. Shortly Damen Shipyards Galati will start connecting the ‘ring sections’ and then the vessel really takes shape.

April 2019

"Wolfe Islander IV" and "Amherst Islander II" well on track

It’s been a very busy and productive week in both Gorinchem and Kolham. Primary focus of this visit was the sign off on the final design elements for the Wolfe Islander IV; however we also met with subcontractors for our charging units and our electrical designers to see progress on our switching gear too. The Amherst Islander II construction is moving along as scheduled, with the Wolfe Islander IV steel cutting to commence in just a few weeks.

March 2019

Miniature Road Ferry of first cut steel

According to the tradition, the client receives a piece of the first steel cutting. For this occasion, these miniature profiles of the road ferries are made especially for MTO in memory of the start of building their electric vessels, to begin with the Damen Road Ferry 6819 E3. In the meantime, the yard is taking major steps in putting together sections up to the main deck.

January 2019

Keel laying for Damen Road Ferry 6819 E3

For the Damen Road Ferry 6819 E3 project the year 2018 ended successfully by achieving another major milestone. At the 20th of December 2018 the vessel’s keel was laid at the Damen Galati premises. In the presence of local representatives and Classification Society Bureau Veritas. The Damen Road Ferry 6819 E3 is a modern ferry which will operate on electrical power and has the ability to sail as a hybrid. The new vessel is part of a large shore infrastructure renewal program which is carried out under the management of the owner, featuring the built of new docks provided with automated mooring and charging systems at each quay. The vessel will be assembled and launched on the slipway of Damen Galati Hull Division I.

December 2018

Start cutting for DAMEN Road Ferry 6819 E3

The first important milestone of YN 539317, Damen Road Ferry 6819 E3 - start cutting - successfully took place at Damen Shipyard Galati on the 3rd of December. The ferry, with a length of 71.70 meters, width of 19.80 meters and ice class 1B will replace Frontenac II, the 56-years-old ferry currently operating on Amherst Island route.

As the first electric operating vessel in the North America region & first ferry renewal program in 40+ years, YN 6819 has the following technical features:

  • Route: 3.8 km

  • Cruise speed: 9.0 kts

  • Contract speed: 11.8 kts

  • Operation: 20.5 hr/day (365 days)

  • Temp. range: +30 up to -25 degree (harsh winter conditions!)

  • Endurance: 5 days (hybrid)

  • Ice conditions: Moderate 1st year fresh water ice (1B)

  • Charging: Every time the vessel docks (approx. 40 times per day!)

The next milestone, keel-laying, is scheduled for the 21st of December 2018.

November 2018

The official start of the project

Exciting times for the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. Last week the official start of the project has been announced at Damen Shipyard Galati, Romania. Upcoming Monday the 3rd of December, the first steel for the new Amherst Island ferry will be cut. “This is a major milestone for the project, all developments for these innovative electric ferries falls together now”, thus Jurriaan Jellema (project manager, Damen Shipyards Group). The Detailed Engineering of the Amherst Island ferry will be finalised early next year. On the photo: Jurriaan Jellema (Project manager, Damen Shipyards Group).

October 2018

Canadian Ferry associations’ conference

The first images of the new ferries for Amherst Island and Wolfe Island were presented at the Canadian Ferry Associations’ annual conference in Whistler last Tuesday October 3. Stuart Jones (the Ministry of Transport Ontario) and Leo Postma (Damen Shipyards) jointly presented the project of the two new ferries for an audience of more than 250 Canadian ferry professionals. They outlined the all-electric propulsion, project back ground and successful cooperation, all vital for achieving future proof innovative solutions.


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