Damen Green Solutions

Green since 2007

Sustainable company with a global focus

Damen recognised the need to start addressing the ballast water treatment management challenge several years ago and began investing in the development of ballast water treatment products and solutions. This led to the establishment of a new company; Damen Green Solutions, located at Damen’s headquarters in Gorinchem, the Netherlands.

Taking the lead in cost-effective sustainable solutions for ship owners worldwide

With at least 60,000 vessels needing to comply with international Maritime Organization regulations legislation in the near future, Damen Green Solutions now offers a range of cost-effective options for ship owners from one stop retrofitting to a pioneering individual package. From Fuel saving devices to mobile ballast water treatment unit, which is the first of its kind in the world.

The priorities of Damen Green Solutions

  • Evaluate the solutions available in the market

  • Establish partnerships with leading manufacturers

  • Create retrofit service packages that cover every aspect of the design, installation and compliance process

  • Design a mobile in-port ballast water treatment unit

  • Make the systems and services available throughout Damen’s global network

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