Local building expertise

Damen Technical Cooperation

Building Damen vessels locally

We believe in the power of sharing. We use our craftsmanship to build platforms at production facilities besides our own. In this way, and via knowledge transfer, we not only contribute to better, safer and more eco-friendly ships, but to sustainable local development and prosperity.

DTC supports customers throughout the globe

We established Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC) in 1977 to enable local yards to build proven Damen designs from our extensive portfolio – at Damen quality – all over the world. There are numerous reasons for choosing DTC. As well as enabling you to build your Damen vessel at a remote or inland location, DTC also affords you the opportunity to meet political and local content requirements.

Upgrading or constructing yards for your projects

If required, we are also able to construct, or renovate a yard at your preferred location in preparation for your project(s). During the project, the support we provide to you depends entirely on your requirements. We can provide you with a design under licence, a full materials package, building assistance, advice and training.

Benefits to the local economy

In addition to providing access to Damen quality vessels at locations all over the world, DTC brings a number of benefits to the area in which construction takes place. These advantages include a boost to employment opportunities, which also leads to the stimulation of the local economy. On top of that, Damen works with employees to develop their skills and this knowledge transfer also results in a transfer of technology in the longer term.

DTC can provide you with a licence to build your own Damen Vessel locally

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DTC solution

Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC) is means by which to unlock the full potential of the maritime sector – anywhere in the world. It’s not always possible to build a Damen vessel at a Damen yard. With DTC we offer ship owners & operators, government & navies and shipyards the possibility to build, sell and maintain Damen quality locally. Our aim is not only to build a vessel locally, however; our proposition is a sustainable collaboration offering the transfer of technology and expertise to facilitate development of local industry and supplier networks while stimulating regional employment opportunities.

Key benefits

  • Profit from Damen’s research backbone

  • System integration

  • Dedicated project management

  • Product portfolio access

  • Gateway to global supplier network

A flexible selection of building blocks to choose from

DTC products & support

The level of support you receive from DTC is tailored to your requirements. This support is provided in a modular fashion which can be customised with the application of any combination of the following options and their component parts:

Commercial support

✔ Financing support ✔ Sales and tender support ✔ Contracting partner

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Design & Engineering

✔ Tailored engineering packages ✔ Supply chain solutions

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Transfer of technology

✔ Building Assistance​ ✔ Training​ ✔ Yard consultancy​

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Licence to build

Need a vessel on a lake, a proven design or an opportunity to stimulate the local maritime industry?