14 Jul 2022

Damen Services: Moving Forward

In focus: ✔ Damen Services ✔ Future strategies ✔ Triton and DMMS ✔ Caring for the environment

Looking to the future is an exciting exercise, but it can also be daunting. During the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations had to consider how to shift strategies to help them become future-proof and be prepared for unexpected events.

Think Global, Act Local

The circumstances during the global pandemic were extra challenging for Damen Services traveling to work sites to support clients and lead major projects. As global operator, it was challenging to support customers as travel channels closed. In response, Damen Services stepped up their promise to provide customers with the care and quality they have come to expect, but from local and regional Damen teams. With the opening of four new service hubs in 2021, and an active strategy to continue expanding Damen’s local presence, Damen Services are improving their ability to be where customers need them, when they need them. The expanding service network uses local and regional teams and suppliers whenever possible to support customers and their local economies.

‘We are headquartered in the Netherlands, but much of our work is happening in other countries, on other continents. By decentralizing our operations, we are offering customers a more personalized, convenient and economical option.’ States Rutger Blaauw, Director of Damen Services. He continued, ‘Additionally, one of the pillars of our business is sustainability, and while we will still need some team members to travel, we are consciously working on reducing our footprint by locating ourselves amongst our clients.’

Innovation & Digitalization

Technology adoption in the maritime industry is picking up, with vessel owners and operators finding that maintenance, communications and operations can be streamlined and made more efficient and cost effective through technology, data, and connectivity. Long ago, Damen Services anticipated the potential of technology to improve customer experience through simple means such as providing on-demand information to customers through the MyDamen web portal and remote support through SeaView smart glasses, or even video chat. Technology has helped Damen Services connect with clients around the globe, regardless of distance, but the impact technology can have on operations and maintenance in the maritime industry goes far beyond web portals and long-distance support.

“By decentralizing our operations, we are offering customers a more personalized, convenient and economical option.”

Damen Services is developing a future in which maintenance is no longer based on running hours, but is instead predictive and based on a vessel’s actual health status. They have already successfully released Triton and Damen Maintenance Management Solutions (DMMS), two complimentary platforms that process data to help crews and owners leverage on board sensor data to improve day-to-day operations and provide insight into optimal maintenance scheduling. But, the innovative teams at Damen Services are not ready to stop there. They continue to develop and expand on the capabilities of Triton and DMMS. Predictive maintenance and optimized operations seems like a far off idea, but with Triton and DMMS, they are closer than one might think.

Damen Services Cares

‘We care for the environment and develop systems and propositions that enable ourselves and our customers to operate more sustainably, we care for our customers and work with them to ensure we are supporting their needs and providing positive experiences,’’ said Rutger Blaauw, Director, Damen Services in a recent team meeting. He continued, ‘‘and critically, we care for our team and for each other, because each one of us is what it takes to serve our customers.’’

When asked about his statement, Mr. Blaauw followed up, ‘’Damen Services is a caring organization. Once a vessel is in the water we are the team that works with the customers to ensure they get the long-term service and support they need to keep their assets healthy. Our business works because we have a strong team of people who put their time, energy and care into day to day work, ensuring successful results and lasting customer relationships.’’

Damen Services is comprised of a tight-knit group that works hard to foster lasting relationships with their customers. From hand carrying parts around the world to ensure timely delivery, to taking emergency calls in the dead of the night. Customers who have worked with this organization, regardless of how long, will tell you that Damen Services truly cares.

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