28 Dec 2020

Working at Damen

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Ben Littler

Annebeth Trepels

Function: Trainee purchaser

Location: Damen Naval, the Netherlands

Working at Damen since 2019

Annebeth is currently working towards ERP implementation at Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding.

“ERP is not just a system – it involves the whole organisation and has a big impact on our way of working. Implementing this smoothly, taking into account current and future projects, makes this challenging and interesting.

“Every day is different here, it’s a constant challenge. I’ve learned a lot. It’s nice to see so many people working together in one big project for years. It’s a great team of people that make it work every time.”

Arun Sidharthan

Function: Production support manager

Location: Albwardy Damen, UAE

Working at Damen since 2018

Arun sees the benefits of combining Damen’s hallmark standardisation with digitalisation to ensure continued relevance for the future.

“The standardisation of our products and designs, combined with the integration of drawings with ERP software makes our engineering and building processes simpler and faster. We recently digitalised our pipe ship – this has improved quality, traceability and efficiency.

“Also, the collaborative way we work as colleagues and the support we get from management – analysing and solving issues as a team makes it a pleasure to be part of the Damen family.”

Laurent Salou

Function: Project manager

Location: Damen Shiprepair Brest, France

Working at Damen since 2015

Laurent takes pleasure in a job well done and a satisfied customer.

“The best reward we can have is a happy customer and a ship leaving the yard after a successful docking – safely, on time, on budget and to high quality – especially during the challenges of the coronavirus.

“Making this happen is down to the spirit of cohesion we have. I feel lucky and proud to work with such experienced colleagues, who I can learn from. That’s the best asset a project manager can have.”

Zeynep Mutlu

Function: Quality control engineer

Location: Damen Shipyards Antalya, Turkey

Working at Damen since 2018

For Zeynep, the pleasure of working at Damen comes from the diversity – both of the products she works on and the colleagues she works with.

“We have Fast Crew Suppliers, Yacht Support Vessels, Pilot Boats, Interceptors…. as a naval architect, working on so many vessels gives me a great opportunity to improve myself. As does being part of such an international organisation. Damen gives me the chance to work with people from all around the world, with extensive knowledge. This is a precious experience for me.”

Mandy Willemsen

Function: IT&IM service delivery analyst

Location: Damen Shipyards Gorinchem, the Netherlands

Working at Damen since 2015

For Mandy, one of the benefits of working at Damen is the opportunities for development.

“Within five years, I have had several opportunities to grow within the company,” she says.

In her current role she is improving processes and services to ensure colleagues across the organisation of a reliable IT environment within which to conduct their work.

“I always found the IT domain to be fascinating. It’s a dynamic, innovative world to be in. I find it rewarding to deliver a service, improve it and see that it makes colleagues both happy and more efficient.”

Sebastian Jankowski

Function: Pipe worker assistant

Location: Damen Shipyards Gdynia, Poland

Working at Damen since 2008

Sebastian’s favourite part about working at Damen is the teamwork he enjoys with his colleagues.

“Thanks to this, the work is pleasant and well organised – any issues that arise can be quickly solved. Also, as a younger employee, I benefit from the experience of those who have served longer than me. This helps to deepen my knowledge.

“I also like the variety. Every day is something different. Right now I am working on a prototype so there is a lot to consider. We have to amend the design and implement the changes. Again, by collaborating, we are able to overcome these challenges.”

Le Kim Diem

Function: Team leader E & A commissioning

Location: Damen Song Cam Shipyard, Vietnam

Working at Damen since 2010

Diem is part of the Commissioning and Sea Trials team at Damen Song Cam that is working towards greater autonomy – something that has been given fresh impetus by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our department is doing very well with the commissioning and testing of systems, work for which we used to hire external support. The positive feedback we are getting from our clients about our products confirms the value of our contribution. Our achievements motivate us to try and deliver even better results. We are very proud of our department – and proud of Damen Song Cam.”

Mariia Lagun

Function: Project manager engineering shipbuilding

Location: Marine Design Engineering Mykolayiv, Ukraine

Working at Damen since 2013

Mariia feels that, along with the collaboration she enjoys with her colleagues, one of the best things about working at Damen is the high value placed on the employee.

“Damen encourages us to learn, grow and beсome the best. There are plenty of opportunities to develop, with courses, seminars and e-learning. This is very motivating. Besides this, I am very proud of our products. We are all doing our best to deliver the best quality in the shortest timeframes. For me, every new project is a chance to prove our creativity and professionalism.”

Pieter Baggerman

Function: Naval architect

Location: Concordia Damen, the Netherlands

Working at Damen since 2018

“My work changes every day and I get given a lot of responsibility on challenging projects. There’s room for me to provide my own input, as well as to develop myself,” explains Peter, a naval architect with 20 years’ experience.

He says he also enjoys knowing his work is contributing to tomorrow’s maritime world. “We are working on very innovative, efficient vessels. It’s great to be working on projects that are not just sustainable today, but which we prepare for the techniques of tomorrow, in order to make them even more sustainable in the future.”

Florin Bounegru

Function: Electrical Workshop Manager

Location: Damen Shipyards Mangalia, Romania

Working at Damen 2014-2017 and since 2019

Florin says that working with the vessels in the Damen portfolio has given him – and his colleagues – the opportunity to develop their skills.

“We’ve been getting to know the Damen vessels these past two years, in order to ensure that our work is of the highest possible quality. These are complex vessels that offer us the chance to develop our performance. I really appreciate the way in which my colleagues persist in this – putting all their effort into achieving our goals and being driven by the possibility to reach new heights every day.”