Pillars of a successful operation

Efficient, fast, safe and sustainable. These are the four pillars on which the new product line of fish harvesting vessel is based. With this we ensure the most reliable response to fish farm operators, for both the scheduled harvest season and in cases of emergency.


Gathering the oceans of possibility

Ultimately, the harvest is what it's all about. We have prepared solutions to ensure that you can reach the maximum potential of your operation, for the long-term.

Bringing in the harvest

Fish Harvesting Vessel

Our Fish Harvesting Vessels feature slender hulls for high sailing speed and offer powerful refrigeration and harvesting capabilities as well as large cargo capacity. A comfortable and ergonomic working deck and accommodation ensure a pleasant and efficient working environment.
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Safe, sustainable support


The Damen Aquaculture Support Vessel (AQSV) is designed to support a wide range of coastal, harbour and offshore activities. It features a standard design, easily adaptable for your requirements and offers a large, spacious working deck. The vessel supports both safety and sustainabilty in operations.
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