Ship Delivery Services

Receive your vessel safe, clean and ready for operation

Upon completion of your vessel at the building yard, Damen Services steps in to make all arrangements for delivery to your chosen location. Delivering upwards of 150 vessels a year, we are able to provide a service that protects you from risk or surprise. Damen’s extensive international network positions us well to arrange the best transport options, wherever you are operating, for a fast and efficient delivery. Whether an own keel or heavy-lift delivery, we have the experience to assist with all documentation, formalities and contracts.

When transporting vessels under own-keel, Ship Delivery Services handles:

  • All port calls

  • Agency contacts

  • Bunkering & stores

  • Planning & communications

  • Insurance & documentation

  • Technical support

  • Ship delivery services

In towage or heavy marine transport situations, Ship Delivery Services manages:

  • Direct contact with heavy-lift carriers

  • Export documentation

  • Required drawings and calculations

  • Transfer to building/loading location

  • Supervision of loading and lashing operations

How do you ship a ship?

Either on a ship shipping ship or we ship the ship on its own keel. Either way, Damen Services delivers.