Vessel Operating Manual

The VOM is the ultimate guide to your vessel and its systems 

The Vessel Operating Manual (VOM) is the ultimate guide to your vessel and its systems. This important manual helps you and your team keep your assets in peak working order, while also delivering information about how to achieve the safest and most efficient operations, specific to your vessel configuration.   

The VOM is a useful tool when you need backup information or if you are onboarding new crew and need a quick and efficient way for them to familiarise themselves with the vessel.

What is in the VOM?

With the help of the VOM, crew members are quickly up to speed with the vessel and familiar with its systems. It provides detailed information about onboard systems, individual components and the relationships between those systems and components. Additionally, the VOM facilitates easy access to relevant equipment documentation.  Crucially, the VOM also includes information about the safety equipment on board and accompanying safety exercises, the start-up and shutdown of the bridge systems, and instructions related to vessel specific equipment. 

Topics Covered 

The VOM provides information that enables the start-up and shutdown of the main machinery, and instructions for operating the vessel’s primary, secondary, electrical and auxiliary systems. 

For each system we describe the following:  

  • The system’s functions  

  • The layout of the system  

  • The relevant system operating instructions  

  • The different system modes  

  • The relationships between the systems  

  • The relevant safety directives and warnings

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