New concept supporting floating offshore wind installation

Floating Offshore Wind Support Vessel

Enabling the next big development in offshore wind

Floating Offshore Wind Support Vessel

Anticipating upcoming large scale floating windfarm installation, Damen has developed the FLOW-SV offshore support concept. The installation vessel intends to support operators in the acceleration of this new offshore energy segment. The Damen FLOW-SV is designed to facilitate the entire process of floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) installation in an optimally efficient manner.

Reason to develop a new concept

Paving the way for tomorrow’s offshore energy

Future rounds of offshore wind development are set to take place in deeper waters, farther from shore. This will require installation of floating offshore wind installation on a large scale. Damen aims to support its customers – and advance the potential of clean, sustainable energy – with the development of a new vessel. The FLOW-SV concept is designed to transport and install the larger, heavier chains and anchors of the FOWT mooring installations, safely, quickly and reliably.


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Concept principals

A one-stop-shop for floating offshore wind installation

The FLOW-SV concept is dedicated to the floating future of offshore wind. As such it enables installation bigger, faster and with increased efficiency. To achieve its aims of advancing tomorrow’s clean energy, the vessel takes on the entire process, covering the transport and anchoring of mooring spreads, tow-out and hook-up, proof loading and (pre) inspection and features a moonpool for ROV support.

The need for more efficiency

Measuring approximately 140-150 meters in length and with a 32 meter beam, the FLOW-SV is a big ship. The size and weight of anchors and chains needed for installing offshore floating wind turbines require a larger vessel, with more chain locker capacity. With a capacity significantly greater than any anchor handling vessels currently in operation, the FLOW-SV will support you in the efficient installation of FOWTs. Capable of transporting cable and anchors or suction piles sufficient for the installation of three floaters on a single mission, the vessel saves significant time on loading and transportation. The FLOW-SV brings your targets of tomorrow into range.
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A unique installation vessel

The FLOW-SV features a unique installation method, combining the bollard pull of the thrusters with the added pulling force from the bow reaction anchor winch. First, the FLOW-SV deploys the bow anchor, embedding it with reversed bollard pull. The vessel then moves to install the anchor. Once sufficient chain-wire length is released, the vessel’s 1,000 tonnes of proof load capability ensures a secure seabed connection.

Optimised propulsion layout

To facilitate its innovative installation approach, the FLOW-SV features a novel and optimised propulsion arrangement. In addition to its twin azimuth thrusters for normal operations, dynamic positioning (DP), and reaction anchor embedment, the vessel has two booster lines, offering maximal bollard pull.

Forward thinking battery hybrid solution

Damen has designed the FLOW-SV to offer IMO Tier III compliance. The special purpose ship is also prepared for your next steps in sustainability. The FLOW-SV can be easily upgraded with a hybrid battery pack and is laid out ready for the transition to methanol as a clean fuel of the future.


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