By cooperating with clients to develop top notch vessels, Damen has earned an excellent reputation over the years designing, engineering and constructing Fishing Boats.

Fishing Vessels

Damen Beam Trawler 4109

Beam Trawler

The Damen Beam Trawler is provided with efficient fishing gear operated on both sides of the vessel.

Damen Crab Catcher preview

Crab Catcher

The Damen Crab Catcher ensures the safest method to catch and process the catch for optimal quality.

The ballast system will allow the owner to continue fishing even if wave heights reach 2,5 m.

Shellfish Dredger

Damen's Shelfish Dredgers are specially designed to work in shallow waters, whilst still providing excellent seakeeping characteristics, these vessels can operate in tidal areas using the tide times to the max.

Factory Trawler

The Damen Factory Trawlers have excellent loading capacity, fuel efficiency and sea keeping characteristics.

Damen Sea Fisher 2608 Stern Trawler

Sea Fisher

The Sea Fisher range offers you a safe, economic and sustainable vessel for coastal and deep sea fishing operations.

Fish Collecting Vessel

The Damen Fish Collecting Vessel is designed as a mother vessel for collecting the catch of fisherman at sea, freezing and storing at low temperature. Besides the simplicity the vessel provides high manoeuvrability and redundancy.


The Damen Longliner provides sustainable fishing with gentle catching method. The Longliner is provided with an efficient and safe moonpool line hauling arrangement. The machinery system is designed to meet the varying requirements for a longliner of this kind and for ease of maintenance.

Twinrigger / flyshooter 3209

Twinrigger / Flyshooter

The Twinrigger / Flyshooter is available with diesel / electric propulsion.

Research Vessels

Damen Reseach Vessel 2510

Research Vessel

Damen Research Vessels support and perform various research operations including seismic, hydrographic, oceanographic and fishery surveys.

Damen Fishery Research Vessel

Fishery Research Vessel

Damen Fishery Research Vessels represent the future of fishery research, featuring cutting-edge technologies to make operations both sustainable and comfortable.

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