Sustainable maritime solutionsDamen’s work on the electrification of the maritime industry falls under the so-called E3 umbrella. That is, environmentally friendly, efficient in operation and economically viable. The shipyards group is currently working on a number of projects for electric vessels.
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Electrical DOP submersible dredge pump E-DOP250






The electrically driven submersible dredge pump unit type E-DOP250 is the solution for silent and zero emission dredging. The flexible dredge pump set up ensures rapid mobilisations and easy operation. Additionally, the array of exchangeable suction heads optimises operational efficiency for any dredge job.

Available options:
Discharge hoses
Electrical jet pack
Jet water hoses
Dredging instrumentation
Various suction heads


Key figures


Mixture capacity
1250 m³/h
Max head
5.3 bar
Max pump speed
900 rpm
Max power
195 kW


400 VAC
Advised gen power
230 kVa
Jet water
300 m³/h
Jet water pressure
8 bar


Suction diameter
250 mm
Discharge diameter
250 mm
Max sphere passage
130 mm
Unit weight
4100 kg
Dredge package

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