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DOP submersible dredge pump DOP250






The DOP250 is a submersible dredge pump directly driven by a hydraulic motor. The dredge pump and drive are mounted in a robust protective steel casing and can be powered by the hydraulics of the excavator, or by a separate power pack. The top of the casing ensures practical mounting to the excavator’s boom, while the bottom rim is fitted out with a flange for an easy exchange of the various suction heads. These include a sand mining head, a barge unloader, cutter unit and an auger unit.

Available options:
Power packs
Discharge hoses
Jet packs
Hydraulic hoses
Various suction heads


Key figures


Mixture capacity
1250 m³/h
Max head
5.3 bar
Max pump speed
900 rpm
Max power
195 kW


Hydr oil flow
483 l/min
Hydr oil pressure
250 bar
Jet water
300 m³/h
Jet water pressure
8 bar


Suction diameter
250 mm
Discharge diameter
250 mm
Max sphere passage
130 mm
Unit weight
2425 kg
Dredge package

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