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DOP submersible dredge pump DOP350L






The DOP350L is a compact low-pressure submersible dredge pump. Its user-friendly ‘plug & play’ design results in fast mobilisation. Moreover, it is designed with a maximised ball passage, ensuring optimal uptime as debris is less likely to get clogged in the pump. The dredge pump wear parts are fit for the abrasive dredging environment, making the DOP pump ideal for the efficient transport of a sand/water mixture.

Available options:
Power packs
Discharge hoses
Jet packs
Hydraulic hoses
Various suction heads


Key figures


Mixture capacity
2400 m³/h
Max head
3.2 bar
Max pump speed
625 rpm
Max power
240 kW


Hydr oil flow
600 l/min
Hydr oil pressure
250 bar
Jet water
600 m³/h
Jet water pressure
8 bar


Suction diameter
350 mm
Discharge diameter
350 mm
Max sphere passage
200 mm
Unit weight
4580 kg
Dredge package

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