Trailing Suction Pipe TSP400





Small hopper dredgers should be able to reach every corner of any port or harbour during maintenance dredging. To optimise your dredging performance, a TSP400 can be the key link to your vessel. Damen can supply you with a tailor-made dredging equipment package. The complete dredging system will be fully integrated in your vessel, whether it is for a new vessel or a replacement dredging system. The customised dredging equipment package may include the articulated trailing pipe complete with its gantries and winches. A swell compensator can be integrated, and the dredge equipment can be completed by loading and discharging systems such as a dredge pump, dredge valves etc. Our flexible project approach and technical support ensure an efficient building or conversion process.

Available options:
Dredge valves
Dredge pumps
Jet water monitors
Dredging instrumentation


Key figures


Dredge pipe diameter
400 m
Dredge pump
Max wave height
2 m


Pump capacity
2250 m³/h
Hopper capacity
500 m³
Loading time
20 minutes

Dredging depth

Minimum depth
- 5.5 m
Average depth
- 15 m
Maximum depth
- 25 m
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