Trailing Suction Pipe TSP600





A robust trailing pipe system is the reliable link between the hopper dredger and the sea bed. A hopper dredge with movable suction pipe can be used for a wide range of dredging projects: maintenance hopper dredgers can load silt into the hopper hold and dispose of it to keep harbours accessible, aggregate dredgers can load sand or gravel for the construction industry. As each hopper dredger is designed for its job, the dredge package Damen offers is tailored to your need. Based on your vessel, the complete equipment package is designed ensuring an optimal dredge system integration. Our flexible project approach ensures that dredge yards and dredge operators around the world receive first class dredging equipment packages and technical support for an optimal result.

Available options:
Dredge valves
Dredge pumps
Jet water monitors
Dredging instrumentation


Key figures


Dredge pipe diameter
600 m
Dredge pump
Max wave height
2.5 m


Pump capacity
5100 m³/h
Hopper capacity
1500 m³
Loading time
20 minutes

Dredging depth

Minimum depth
- 7.5 m
Average depth
- 20 m
Maximum depth
- 35 m

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