Maritime security

Securing the potential of our waters

We believe that our seas represent a wealth of opportunity for humanity. However, they can also represent a threat and it is only by protecting ourselves against this that we can secure the potential of our waters, now and for the future.

Maritime Security

Secure on all fronts

The application of maritime security requires diverse activity on many fronts. One angle is the countering of illegal trafficking – of people, drugs and arms. It’s also about the general maintenance of law and order within your exclusive economic zone and on your inland waterways, via police, naval and coast guard authorities. Our portfolio has a comprehensive selection of platforms to support you in securing your waters in order to preserve your communities and your economy from illegal activity.

Patrol: nearshore and offshore

Stan Patrol

Fully equipped for patrol duties in harbours, coastal waters and offshore. Our Stan Patrol vessel are of proven quality, standardised for fast, cost efficient delivery and fully equipped for their role.
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Protection for your EEZ


Our OPVs are of proven, standard design, though they can be tailored according to specific operational requirements. Custom options include installation of weaponry and surveillance capabilities.
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