Offshore Patrol Vessels

Adaptable to any mission

Offshore Patrol Vessels

Offshore Patrol Vessels

Versatile Multi Mission Platform

Specifically developed for navies and coastguards worldwide over many decades, Damen’s Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) embody versatility. They are a true Multi Mission Platform, able to adapt to a diverse range of tasks. Military Security (border & EEZ surveillance, counter-drugs, piracy) and Marine Safety, including Search and Rescue and oil spill detection, as well as fishery inspections, are just some of the tasks most suited for OPVs. Additionally, they are perfect for humanitarian aid such as disaster relief.

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140 years of perfecting vessels

Rich naval heritage

Damen has a rich tradition in naval shipbuilding, with our original navy roots stemming back 140 years. This includes building seven generations of surface combatants for the Royal Netherlands Navy. Our OPVs are based on generations of proven technology but to answer the demands of today they incorporate quality, comfortable accommodation and they have limited military systems on board. This makes them ideal for performing patrols and inspections.

Improved situational awareness

Multi Mission Bridge

The Bridge adjoins the Command & Control Centre (C&C Centre), ensuring easy and fast communication. This combination is known as our Multi Mission Bridge. Both spaces can be separated by means of a sliding wall. Therefore during a mission, the wall can be lowered, improving situational awareness in the C&C Centre.

Mission Modules easily added

Multi Mission Bay

Take what you need and leave the unnecessary.” This approach makes the OPV versatile and mission focused. Mission modules (dedicated containers) can be lifted into the Multi Mission Bay, depending on the mission at hand.

UAVs to 11-tonne helicopters

Multi Mission Hangar

Surveillance from the sky is essential for optimising situational awareness. The Multi Mission Hangar can store an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) such as the Boeing ScanEagle up to 11-tonne helicopters like the NH-90. Inside the Multi Mission Hangar there is also sufficient space to carry out maintenance activities.

Optimized hull design

High level of comfort

For prolonged stays at sea the wellbeing of the crew is vital. Modern facilities (galley, recreational), as well as comfortable crew cabins make the stay on board as pleasant as possible. Additionally the OPVs have superior seakeeping, even in rough seas.

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Damen’s Offshore Patrol Vessels range from 1,000 to 3,750 tonnes displacement, with the largest able to reach speeds of 24 knots. If you would like more information about their specifications, please click here.

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