MAD range

up to 70

3000 up to 8000

6000 up to 16000

700 up to 900

Providing the lowest cost per tonne of dredged material, Damen offers a range of dedicated Marine Aggregate Dredgers. The MAD boasts excellent seakeeping. An optimised hull design and the enclosed bow shape ensures that these vessels can operate in harsh weather conditions, and protect their cargo from water ingress. Our in-house designed draghead, underwater pump and screening towers ensure efficient dredging operations. The vessel is also able to autonomously unload the dry cargo ashore.


Key figures


90 up to 150 m
Beam moulded
16 up to 25 m
Draught (dredging)
7 up to 8 m
Hopper volume (top coaming)
3000 up to 8000 m³


Speed (at summer draught)
11 up to 15 kn
Dredging depth
up to 70 m

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Our dredgers flourish in specific job: marine aggregate dredging.