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Dredging process monitoring

Reliable, stand-alone dredge monitoring system

The dredge monitoring system provides operators with a real-time overview of a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger’s dredging process. The highly flexible system is customised according to the vessel’s operational profile. It supports the dredge control system and increases operational efficiency.

Loading process optimisation

Reliable and fuel-efficient system

Hopper dredgers can be fitted out with the dredge monitoring system. It provides the dredge master with a clear overview of the location of the trailing pipe, the various stages of the hopper loading process, the dredge pump production, and a logging and reporting module. The system consists of separate modules, which can be added as required in line with the vessel’s operations.


Shows the position of the trailing pipe in side view


Maximise your production using real-time data


Cargo load process is shown in a corresponding load graph

Clear presentation of dredging depth

Trailing pipe position visualisation

The basic module of the dredge monitoring system is the trailing pipe position visualisation. Using inclinometers on the hinges, the exact drag head position and dredging depth is calculated and visualised. All other modules can easily be added, further enhancing the hopper dredger’s operations.

Flexible system configuration

The hopper dredge monitoring system is visualised on one screen, using an industrial PC running on Windows OS. The highly flexible system can be shown on multiple screens and in multiple locations, other modules can be added, and screens can be personalised by selecting specific preferred fields.

For retrofits and newbuilds

Both newbuild hoppers and existing ones can be fitted out with the dredge monitoring system. As a complete instrumentation package not only are the software and PC delivered, but also the various sensors for the trailing pipe hinges, the vessel’s draught, the positions of the gantries, swell compensator and overflows – the complete package.

Logging with data string output

All data in the trailing pipe module, loading module and production module can be logged. Combined with dredging statuses and tank volumes, accurate daily reports can be made. These can be sent to the relevant authorities when required to track the progress of the dredging work, or they can be used to optimise the overall dredging process.

Operational practicalities

The dredge monitoring system offers the possibility of investigating the sensor diagnostics. The operator can pinpoint the exact location of a signal failure. Moreover, remote access is integrated in the system; Damen Services can assist the operator when required. As a result, assistance is fast and cost-effective, reducing downtime to a minimum.


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Customised dredging instrumentation

Your partner in dredging

Dredging requires more than just shipping a dredge instrumentation package. It requires more gear such as a dredge pump to do the job, and it requires crew training and project management to bring the works to a successful conclusion. Damen can assist you during the full lifecycle of your dredger.

Dredge package

Dredging instrumentation can be supplied as a single item, or as a complete system or package. For a retrofit or newbuild, dedicated dredge monitoring equipment will assist you doing your dredge job in the most efficient way.

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Getting started

As well as shipping the required dredge instrumentation to your yard, we can also send over our Field Service Engineer to assist the crew with installation and calibration. This will shorten the installation time, and give an opportunity for crew training.

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Lifecycle support

For additions to your dredge systems, spares and repair requests our Service team is available 24/7.

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