Maximise your dredging production

Enhance your dredging efficiency

Clear production data

Maximise your dredge production

Whether for a retrofit or a newbuild, a production measurement system ensures that you are not dredging in the dark. A density meter, combined with a velocity meter, offers the dredge master accurate, clearly presented, real-time data about the dredger’s production. Maximised operational efficiency is the result.

Non-radioactive system

Fit for any dredger

Whatever the type of dredger or dredging tool – cutter suction dredger, hopper dredger or just a small submersible dredge pump – the operator has to know what he is doing. Production measurement equipment offers exactly what a dredge master needs: accurate, real-time data of the throughput in the dredge pipeline. The data can be presented on a screen or an analogue meter, depending on your requirements.

Vital process data

Maximise your production


Achieve optimal operational efficiency

Key dredging data

Optimised operations

Accurate production data ensures that the dredge operator obtains a clear insight into the dredging process. Therefore the efficiency of the operation can be increased.

Real-time production data

A production management system gives the dredge operator continuous feedback on the dredging operation. The mixture density and the flow velocity are measured in the dredge pipeline. These data are fed into the system, which enables the operator to actively adjust the operation of the dredger to achieve an optimal production.

Clear visualisation

Real-time production is shown on the screen, using a yield indicator. Alongside this, counters show the daily and weekly volumes dredged. When required, a separate analogue cross-needle indicator can be delivered as well for mounting in the dredging desk.

Newbuild or retrofit

Whatever your type of dredger and whatever its age, production efficiency is vital. The combined density and flow measurement system, which can be mounted in both a horizontal and a vertical pipeline, will allow the operator to actively intervene to ensure a smooth dredging process.

No fuss density measurement

The practical advantage of a non-radioactive production measurement system, is that no permits or licences are required. Gone are the long waits for paperwork and carefully planned transports. Moreover, all crew members are allowed to work with the system without the need for special training.


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Customised dredging instrumentation

Your partner in dredging

Dredging requires more than just shipping a dredge instrumentation package. It requires more gear such as a dredge pump to do the job, and it requires crew training and project management to bring the works to a successful conclusion. Damen can assist you during the full lifecycle of your dredger.

Dredge package

Dredging instrumentation can be supplied as a single item, or as a complete system or package. For a retrofit or newbuild, dedicated dredge monitoring equipment will assist you doing your dredge job in the most efficient way.

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Getting started

As well as shipping the required dredge instrumentation to your yard, we can also send over our Field Service Engineer to assist the crew with installation and calibration. This will shorten the installation time, and give an opportunity for crew training.

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Lifecycle support

For additions to your dredge systems, spares and repair requests our Service team is available 24/7.

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