Knowing where to dredge

Position visualisation & survey

No more overdredging

Accurate completion of any dredge job

The positioning visualisation system offers the dredge master a real-time overview of the exact location of the drag head, cutter unit or suction head. The system keeps track of the soil that has already been dredged on the survey map, bringing a halt to costly underdredging or overdredging.

Accurate hydrographic presentation

Fit for any dredger

Whether a stationary suction dredger, a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger or an excavator, accurate dredging is the way to a profitable dredge job. Using angle transmitters and GPS positioning, the exact position of the digging tool can be calculated. This position is then mapped in a predefined environment, allowing the dredge master to accurately dredge as per the contract terms.

High accuracy

Knowing the exact location of the suction head

The full kit

Customised positioning packages

Hydrographic presentation

Easy job preparation

Fit for purpose

Put your vessel on a chart

Mapping the position of your dredger on a predefined chart, ensures that the dredge operator knows exactly what to do. The chart shows real-time performance by changing colour when the chart depth has been reached, and when the dredge master still has to clear a layer of soil. As a result the efficiency of the dredge operation can be increased.

Retrofit or newbuild

Customised packages are available, including the software package with an industrial PC, plus a number of optionals. These may include inclinometers, angle transmitters or draught transmitters which are required for the calculation of the exact 3D position of the suction head.

At your fingertips

The dredge operator can monitor the progress of the dredge job on screen. Various views are available to facilitate different jobs. The survey map on the screen clearly shows the predefined dredging area, the boundaries and area topography.

Optimised hydrographic system

The configuration of the hydrographic presentation and the positioning system can be optimised to suit your dredger and the job at hand perfectly. It can be used for various types of dredging works, plus dumping and ground levelling jobs.

GPS with reference signals

The dredger is pinpointed on the map through a DGNSS Global Positioning System or a DGNSS-RTK position receiver. The RTK reference signals can be used to increase position accuracy.


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Dredging efficiency

Our success stories

Cutter Suction Dredger 500 "Lucio"

The CSD500 Lucio has started its working life on the maintenance dredging job in the Rio Salado, in the Argentinian Buenos Aires province.

Trailing Pipe System 500 for "JOSE DUARTE"

A 500 mm trailing pipe, customised to work between -20 m and -40 m dredging depth, has been delivered to a Portuguese yard for a Portuguese contractor.

TSHD 2000 "Yuri Maslyukov"

Damen delivered a design package plus the dredging equipment for a TSHD2000. The hopper dredger has been built by Onega Shipyard, Russia.

Customised dredging instrumentation

Your partner in dredging

Dredging requires more than just shipping a dredge instrumentation package. It requires more gear such as a dredge pump to do the job, and it requires crew training and project management to bring the works to a successful conclusion. Damen can assist you during the full lifecycle of your dredger.

Dredge package

Dredging instrumentation can be supplied as a single item, or as a complete system or package. For a retrofit or newbuild, dedicated dredge monitoring equipment will assist you doing your dredge job in the most efficient way.

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Getting started

As well as shipping the required dredge instrumentation to your yard, we can also send over our Field Service Engineer to assist the crew with installation and calibration. This will shorten the installation time, and give an opportunity for crew training.

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Lifecycle support

For additions to your dredge systems, spares and repair requests our Service team is available 24/7.

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