Carbon Capture System

Let’s capture your CO2!

CO2 emissions are the most significant emissions globally. To reach the IPCC 1.5C scenario by 2050, carbon capture is considered a necessary technology to be used with zero-carbon energy. This means that global CO2 emissions need to be reduced by 5 gigatons per year, equivalent to the total CO2 emissions of approximately ten thousand factories and power stations. CCS can contribute to eliminating 14-17 percent of these emissions, according to SINTEF.

If you're looking to reduce your CO2 emissions by 100%, a CO2 capturing system is the one and only solution. Not only will it prevent you from paying extra taxes, but it will enhance your green credentials and enable you to be awarded the EU ETS green energy label. A CO2 capturing system can help reduce the environmental impact of your operations, while ensuring regulatory compliance and avoiding financial penalties.

Investing in a CO2 capturing system can provide long-term benefits for your business, including cost savings, improved brand reputation, compliance with environmental regulations and ultimately zero emissions. Choose a reliable and efficient CO2 capturing system to reduce your environmental footprint and contribute to a sustainable future.

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