Damen Duct

Tailormade power-saving device

The Damen Duct is a power-saving device specifically developed for slower ships that offers significant fuel savings and enables the vessel to achieve higher speeds.

Consisting of two sturdy components, the Damen Duct includes a duct positioned ahead of the propeller and an integrated fin system. The duct serves to straighten and accelerate the hull wake into the propeller, generating a net thrust in the forward direction. Meanwhile, the fin system induces a pre-swirl in the ship’s wake, reducing losses in the propeller slipstream which results in increased thrust.

Power savings achieved vary depending on the propeller thrust loading but range from 3% for multipurpose ships to 8% for tankers and bulkers. Notably, these power savings remain consistent regardless of the ship's draught and speed.

Newbuild and retrofits

The Damen Duct is suitable for newbuild vessels but it is also ideal for retrofits, providing a quick and easy method of reducing fuel consumption.

Key benefits of the Damen Duct

  • Enhanced propulsion system

  • Proven fuel savings of up to 8%

  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

  • No moving parts, requiring no regular servicing

  • Minimised vibrations and pressure pulses

  • Return on investment in approximately 1 year

  • Installation time of just 4 days possible

Propulsion Optimisation

Ships experience reduced propulsion efficiency due to two main factors: an unfavourable wake field and high loads on the propeller. The inflow of water has undesirable characteristics, which means the propeller must operate in suboptimal conditions. The Damen Duct® addresses these issues by harmonising and stabilising the flow, while also generating a pre-swirl that minimises rotational losses in the propeller slipstream, in turn increasing thrust. Effective and proven technology that can reduce fuel up to 8% in some cases, and an average of 5.9%.

Additionally, when the Damen Duct® is combined with a Damen Rudder®, the efficiency of the system is greatly enhanced. This is achieved through optimised wake field management and reduced resistance from the rudder, leading to improved manoeuvrability.

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