Naval warfare

High threat response

Today, Damen Naval constructs a wide range of multi-role frigates, corvettes and surface combatants, all built to meet and exceed our customers’ specific operational requirements.

These are vessels designed and built to respond to the highest threat level; even when faced with the possibility of escalation. ,Their capabilities include countering anti-air, anti-surface and anti-submarine threats.

Naval warfare

Generations of expertise

We have gained our experience in the delivery of naval vessels over many generations. The Royal Schelde shipyard in Vlissingen, the Netherlands became part of the Damen Shipyards Group at the turn of the century. The yard has a track record in naval shipbuilding spanning over 140 years.

Tailored with expertise

Built for purpose

We know that the complex requirements of defence and security are set by multiple factors. This is why, in addition to our extensive range of proven, modular solutions, we offer customised solutions, based entirely on your specific situation.
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Modular flexibility


The SIGMA concept has proven itself time and again around the world. With this modular building method, Damen transfers knowledge to its partners at third party yards and contributes to the development of local shipbuilding industry. SIGMA combatants are fully customisable, drawing on naval and commercial quality materials for effective combat capability.
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Best of all worlds


The Damen XO is a versatile multi-tasker, drawing on high quality components both naval and commercial to deliver an effective, cost-efficient solution with diverse capabilities. Versatility comes courtesy of proven modular applications.
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A bridge between sea and shore

Landing Ship Transport

A proven Damen design that has demonstrated extreme flexibility in operation. The LST is suited to the full range of landing vessel operations and offers excellent stability, speed and versatility.
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Landing Ships

Our landing craft have the shallow draught capabilities to reach remote areas and to beach in the absence of infrastructure. They are perfectly suited to logistical fleet support.
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Landing Platform Docks

The perfect platform for the provision of disaster relief. Fully equipped with all medical and humanitarian aid facilities and helicopter support capabilities. These vessels can also be used for logistical fleet support.
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