Combi Freighter 4500






A box shaped hold with multiple position options for the two grain bulkheads. The tween deck gives full flexibility for bulk and break bulk cargo. With securing eyes all over the longitudinal bulkheads the cargo can be fixed exactly as required. With a large beam and proper subdivisions the vessel has high homogeneous loading capacity. Subdivisions with grain bulkheads and tween decks enlarge the loading possibilities. The modern hull is designed for fuel economy. It also has been optimised for a range of drafts and deep sea performance. Wave piercing ability of the bow contributes to the overall efficiency of the vessel.


Key figures


Length o.a.
101.78 m
Length b.p.p
97.23 m
12.50 m
Draught max
5.48 m
(draught 3.0 m, engine output of 1104 kW) 11.5 kn
Gross tonnage
2990 gt


4480 t
6070 m³ (214360 cuft)
Dimensions hold 1 (lxbxh)
10.40 x 10.10 x 8.40 m
Dimensions hold 2 (lxbxh)
62.50 x 10.10 x 8.40 m

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Our Combi Freighters flourish in a specific job: transporting of general cargo, e.g. bulk, steel coils, forest products.