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In addition to traditional naval warfare tasks, today’s navies face growing challenges in fields including maritime security and humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR). As the number of tasks increases, the numbers of ships remain the same, or even decrease.

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Modular building system

Fully developed with current and future capability in mind, the Damen Crossover (XO) is the ultimate mission modular naval concept. Pivotal to this innovative solution is the so-called X-Deck – a single, flexible deck to handle, store, operate and deploy mission equipment and fast RHIBs, as well as landing craft.

Smart use of standards resulting in low costs

Damen Naval’s vast experience in applying a clever mix of commercial and naval standards and specifications results in the required naval quality and systems characteristics, while achieving low support costs through the competitive pricing and availability of the applied Commercial off-TheShelf (CoTS) solutions.

The best of both worlds

In recent maritime operations navy ships were increasingly sent out on missions as single ships. Future ships need to be self-sustaining, self-reliant and capable of dealing with threats effectively. The Damen Crossover is autonomous, agile, robust and powerful. At the same time, integrated operations - Navy and Marines on a single mission - have become common practice.

Modular building system

Damen Naval offers pre-designed, customised options for payload areas, Command & Control, weapon, and platform systems. Working through the requirements with the customer, Damen Naval is able to select the most suitable - tailored - platform configuration. In addition, the modular building system is ideally suited to fulfil any economic development requirement and to involve local yards in the construction process.

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Damen Naval works proactively to decrease the environmental footprint of its vessels in several ways.

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