Multi-Purpose Support Ship Range

100-130 m

>15 kn

7000-9000 t



The Multi-Purpose Support Ship range is a response to the increasing use of drone technology that we see in modern combat situations. We could see that such capabilities would be of growing importance for countries looking to sustain their sovereignty. At the same time, this is a multi-purpose vessel that can be applied to wide range of additional operations, thereby offering value for taxpayer’s money. This theme is further developed using commercial off the shelf technology, which ensure the cost-effective construction of a reliable platform.


Key figures


Length (m)
100-130 m
20 m
Draught max
5.10 m
7000-9000 t


Maximum speed
>15 kn
Range at cruising speed
Min. 10,000 nautical miles
Endurance (full complement)
45 days


Managing drones (air, sea, and sub-sea) Amphibious support Emergency/disaster relief Search & rescue Diving support Submarine rescue operations Helicopter operations

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Our Multi-Purpose Support Ship Range flourish in specific jobs: search and rescue, maritime safety operations, illegal activities monitoring.