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Modular Barges

A versatile solution

Damen Modular Barges

The Damen Modular Barge (DMB) is a container-sized floating unit that forms a versatile building block for all sorts of modular pontoons and vessels. The barge can have many configurations and can be fitted with a vast range of equipment.

Making the connection

DMB’s are coupled together by the unique class-approved Damen Link which makes a 100% fixed connection (no clearance). The Damen Link consists of two hooks, a connection rod, a washer, nut and securing plate and allows the DMB’s to be coupled afloat without the need for divers or people inside the modules.

What is so good about Damen Modular Barges?

  • Container size modules

    Modules are according to the ISO container dimensions (and can be certified as normal containers). This allows DMB’s to be stacked as standard containers and transported by truck, boat, plane and train. This makes it possible to operate in remote and landlocked areas.

  • Construction

    The Damen Modular barge is completely watertight and all sides are flush. The high deck capacity allows the installation of heavy equipment. Protection from the elements is done by an epoxy paint system on the inside as well as the outside.

  • Equipped to meet any challenge

    The DMB can be outfitted with a broad range of equipment both incorporated in the unit (like bollards, towing brackets, rollers, wooden work deck) as well as installted on or in the unit ( fendering, generator sets, cranes, excavators, DOP pumps, hydraulic hammers, modular spud systems and heavy winches). You name it, we can fit it!

Discover the ranges

Need more in-depth specifications about technical details? View our different ranges and download the product sheets.

How to assemble Damen Modular Barge

Configure your own Modular Barge

You know what you need but can't find the project on our website? Configure your own modular barge and we will build the new product, that will completely fit all your needs and requirements!

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