SOV 6017 Walk-to-Work Vessel






The SOV 6017 is the smallest of our SOVs. It has all the clever features of the larger versions but is a little smaller to better fit more benign conditions and jobs where less technicians are needed in the field. The vessel serves to provide hotel functions and stepless access onto Offshore Wind Farm and Oil & Gas structures for technicians, tools and parts by access system and daughter craft.

Available options:
Alternative motion compensated access (alternatively, the vessel can be equipped by a different type of motion compensated access system)
DP position reference system (hydro-acoustic position reference system)
Daughter craft (12m windfarm service boat. Including davit)


Key figures


60.00 m
17.00 m
Draught base
4.90 m
Cargo weather deck area
320 m²


Motion compensated access system
3D MCG 30m length, mounted on a tower with integrated elevator. The gangway is able to work on both sides of the vessel, adjustable to a working height of 12m to 24m above sea level under a 5 degrees angle. The MCG also acts as a motion compensated crane.
Helicopter winch area
On aft ship, stepless access to warehouse, hospital.
Boat landing facilities
Steel boat landing at stern with height-adjustable platform and walkway, adjustable between 1m and 3m above sea level, providing direct access into warehouse without the need for fall arrestors.
Refueling stations
Boat landing is provided with refueling station for fuel and urea. Optionally the MCG is provided with utility lines to supply fresh water, fuel and electric power to offshore structures.