Proven workboats, a proven name - Damen

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What more do you want from your workboat?

Strong, Versatile, Reliable

Known for their strength and versatility, these proven workboats will never let you down. With decades serving the industry, our renowned Multi Cat is known for its strength and reliability. And whether working in deep or shallow waters, our versatile Shoalbusters can take on any task.

Connecting your world with our passion for vessels

Navigate the world’s oceans

Damen’s tugs are committed to a sustainable future. Our vessels and equipment lead the way in terms of efficiency, emissions reduction and the energy transition.

Your maritime solutions partner

We aim not only to deliver you a high-quality tug, but to provide total lifecycle support. This includes financing and services. All the way to re-sale or recycling.

Join our family

The Damen family has been building workboats for almost a century. Your new boat combines our proven heritage with cutting-edge innovation.