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Landing Ships

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Landing Ships

Landing Ships have a history dating back to the Second World War. Despite being primarily intended for amphibious assaults, many Landing Ships subsequently proved to be very versatile in peace time as well, fulfilling logistics transport and support tasks in remote areas worldwide.

The Damen Landing Ship range is a state-of-the-art, flexible Class, designed to fulfil traditional mission requirements, as well as the support and secondary mission tasks required by modern naval platforms of this size.

Mission Modularity

Damen’s Amphibious Series has proven to be very effective and adaptable. Whether Landing Craft or LPD, the vessels are highly successful in missions they are not specifically designed for. The same design philosophy has been applied to the Landing Ship range. This results in the flexible arrangement of spaces, internal logistics and vital infrastructure. These versatile vessels are ideal for Transport & Logistics, Maritime security, Disaster relief, SAR and Hydrographic surveys.


Stan Lander

Damen’s well-known Stan Lander features an aft deckhouse and a flexible, large open deck configuration. This adaptable vessel offers a unique combination of a very shallow draught, with the ability to handle high payloads. Additionally, the Stan Lander has a wide bow ramp, facilitating easy loading and unloading on quays and beaches, as well as cargo holds below the open deck.

Landing Ship Transport

With an optimised hull form and propulsion for low fuel consumption, LST vessels are characterised by excellent seakeeping and a very efficient logistics arrangement/routes for embarked forces. Complying with the latest stability requirements, the LST offers a high degree of survivability because of its extra strong double hull. Available in 100 and 120 metres LOA, they are optimised for minimum wading depths. The LST 120 can accommodate up to 336 personnel.

Versatile without compromise

Our design philosophy results in a flexible arrangement of spaces, internal logistics and vital infrastructure, thus ensuring long-term effectiveness and adaptability. Including many smart design features, the Landing Ship range provides the ultimate flexibility, creating vessels with more value throughout their entire lifetime.

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