Designed for deep mining jobs

DCSD500 Deep cutter suction dredger

Dredging deeper

Mining sand or tailing involves an ever increasing dredging depth. That is what this Deep Cutter Suction Dredger (DCSD) has been designed for : dredging deeper with full power on the cutter. And with a practical direct drive of the submersed dredge pump and catamaran execution.

Dredging Deeper

A compact dredger

The DCSD can dredge up to a depth of -25 metres – yet is fully dismountable. To maximise production, a submerged dredge pump is integrated in the suction ladder. This Damen Dredge Pump is directly driven by a diesel engine which is also mounted onto the ladder.

Catamaran design

The basis of the DCSD500 is simple: a starboard and a port side pontoon form a catamaran design. The suction ladder is centrally mounted between them. On the ladder is a submersed dredge pump directly driven by a diesel engine. The raised control cabin ensures the entire operation can be controlled by a single person.

Submerged dredge pump

The ladder-mounted Damen 500 mm Di Dredge Pump has a max mixture capacity of 4,000 m³/h. The submerged pump ensures that the dredge operation will be at the highest possible mixture concentration. The wear resistant, directly driven dredge pump is an in-house Damen CFX design.

Full cutter power

The deep dredge has 110 kilowatts on its cutter head – which is still available at the max dredging depth of 25 metres, a vital requirement when the dredge has to break up compacted soils.

Spud anchoring

For precision dredging and to achieve optimal distribution of cutter forces, the mining dredge is anchored on two long spuds.


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