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Setting the scene for sustainable sailing in India

The Government of India recently determined a strategy for a sustainable shipbuilding industry. Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC) provides you with the means to construct our vessels at a shipyard of your choice in India, with the support of local suppliers. With this, you have access to our diverse portfolio of sustainable and proven tugs, including future facing, fully electric models.

Sustainable Tugs

Times are changing. Calls for sustainable shipping solutions are louder than ever before. We aim to answer those calls, playing our part towards enabling maritime sustainability – so you can play yours. That is why we have developed a range of sustainable tugs, able to fully comply with the Green Tug Transition Programme (GTTP). This includes increased efficiency conventional propulsion vessels as well as both hybrid and fully electric vessels, offering zero emissions performance. Our scope for fully electric projects expands beyond the vessel and includes the construction, delivery and installation of all electrical infrastructure. Take charge of tomorrow.

Electric in action

We have already delivered a fully electric RSD-E Tug 2513 to our client Port of Auckland Limited (POAL) in New Zealand. With this video you can learn all about their positive experience with this sustainable vessel.

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Building locally

We bring our expertise to you, wherever you may be. We believe that by sharing our knowledge and skills with our clients in India, we can contribute to a safer, more sustainable maritime industry in the country, with increased opportunities for all. In enabling you to build your Damen vessel at a yard of your choice, we tailor our support to you. We can provide you with the vessel design, a full materials package, building assistance, and ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your vessel.

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Shore Charging easy with Electric tugs

When it comes to charging, Damen’s approach is to take the role of integrator – or total solutions provider. We unburden our customers by taking responsibility for the entire process, including the charging infrastructure. Our Shore Charging Arm facilitates a one-man operation from the jetty or the vessel.

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Many factors influence your tug choice such as berth conditions, assisting speeds/methods, types of ships and environmental conditions. Take a look at our diverse portfolio.

Why wait?

While you are building your new Damen tug, you can take advantage of our unique approach to shipbuilding. We construct our vessels in series and for stock. As a result, we have proven, standard, fully compliant tugs available for you to lease while your vessel is under construction. We aim to get you underway in the fastest possible timeframe.

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