A wide array of dredging equipment

Dredging mission equipment

Damen offers a wide array of dredging equipment. For all equipment we follow the same approach: the dredging mission equipment is of a robust construction, of a proven design and it is reliable in operation. The excellent performance of the dredging solutions we deliver offers our customer a competitive edge.

Dredgers designed for their tough job

Efficient dredging systems are our mission

The flexibility of standard equipment

In offshore mining and harbour maintenance dredging, in inland mining and land reclamation projects, reliable operation is key to success. The dredging equipment we deliver is exactly that: trustworthy dredging solutions which enhance operational efficiency. The array of equipment designed and manufactured at the Damen Dredging Equipment yard comprises dredging components as well as complete dredgers, which can be customised by adding options readily available at the yard.

Beyond the standard design

Smart customisation

All dredge operations are different, yet have one thing in common: they need fit-for-purpose dredging equipment. The standardised dredger, booster stations and submersible dredge pumps we offer all share common ground: they are robustly constructed, reliable proven standard products. Moreover all of them can be finalised to exactly match the operations requirements, as many options are available. These include for instance anchor booms and spud carriage pontoons for dredgers, E-drives for boosters, specific suction heads for DOP dredge pumps.

From dredging components to complete dredging solutions

A dredge package delivery may include a complete trailing pipe system comprising dredge pump and a batch of dredge valves. Yet, all these components are delivered separately as well. We can deliver a dredge pump only, or an overflow, or a drag head for your hopper dredger. Each dredging project has one thing in common: the Damen dredging component is fit for purpose.

Newbuilds and retrofits

Should you be doing a major overhaul of your dredger or booster station, you will need dredging components. Damen delivers dredging equipment to both newbuilds and retrofits. Do get in touch to optimise your dredging system.

Dredgers in stock

We have a number of dredgers in stock, please let us know your requirements