Damen E3 labelThe basis of the Damen E3 label is a federal technical assistance framework called E3: Economy, Environment and Efficiency. The objective of the framework is to reduce energy consumption, minimize carbon footprint, prevent pollution, increase productivity, and drive innovation.

Waterbus 2907 Hybrid






The composite Waterbus 2907 E3 Hybrid is extremely efficient in terms of weight, hull design and systems, featuring a hybrid-electric arrangement for peak shaving. It is highly manoeuvrable and provides efficient boarding and disembarking. Sustainability is considered throughout. The interiors are completely circular, using natural materials such as wool and wood, as well as recycled materials.

Available options:
Delivery of mooring stations and fendering
Delivery of jetties and infrastructure
Assistance with maintenance
Delivery of charging systems
Customised interior


Key figures


Main engines
2x E-motors
Total power
2x 375 kW
2x Fixed pitch propellers

Electrical equipment

Battery system
2x 84 kWh
Full package

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