Water Injection Dredging WID600






Reuse your resources by turning your workboat into a dredger. Any compact work vessel with a suitable work deck, such as a Multi Cat 2712, can be transformed into a versatile dredger. The container sized components of the Water Injection Dredging system are transported easily. Fast mobilisation is assured as the plug and play system does not require dry docking of the vessel. Water injection dredging is a technique that is ideal for maintenance dredging in ports, harbours, access channels and berths. Also known as ‘agitation dredging’, it is an effective and efficient dredge method making use of the power of tides and currents. Sedimented silt is relocated without the need for a disposal area. The adaptable WID system is easy to deploy and cost efficient.

Available options:
Flow measurement
Position visualisation
DOP pump
Swell compensation


Key figures


Width jet beam
14.5 m
Length jet arm
26.5 m
Footprint WID
28 m²
Total weight
60 t

Engine installation

Pump power
684 kW
Pump engine
Start up system
priming unit

Dredge installation

Max dredging depth
-20 m
Max flow
10500 m³/h
Jet nozzles
70 pcs
Side hinges
heavy duty
Maintenance dredging tools

Dredge package

Other dredging equipment available for your dredge job.

Turn your workboat into a dredger

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