Booster Stations

Bridging the gap

Booster Stations

Expand your dredging job

Booster Stations

A long discharge distance behind your dredger can be bridged easily. By adding a sand pump station, the dredged mixture is transferred to the spot where you need it. Booster Stations add pumping power to your dredger on site.

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Booster stations (BS)

Exactly in sync with your dredger

A booster teams up with a dredger. This interface has to be flawless; it’s essential to combine the right equipment. Therefore, our Cutter Suction Dredger range and Booster Station range are an exact match. They even share the same dredge pump and drive, and the dredge master operates the booster using remote control from his operating seat.


Optimised dredging operations


Remote control ensures a smooth dredging process


Powerful booster bridges the gap


Synchronised team at work

Key features

Fit for the job

Placing a booster station in a dredge discharge pipeline cannot be done at random. Careful selection of the booster size is vital to team it up efficiently with the dredger. Moreover, the location of the booster unit in the piping is crucial for the success of the dredge job. The Damen team can assist you in choosing the perfect match.

How to use a booster station?

A booster station is used as an additional sand pump in a long discharge pipeline. Each dredged mixture – whether a slurry of silt, sand or gravel – has its own critical velocity. The additional sand pump station in a discharge line ensures that the mixture flow will keep moving well above this crucial point. A single dredger can thus deliver dredged material to a faraway disposal site – by just adding extra pumping power.

Practical design

All booster stations are container-sized units to ensure practical transport and rapid mobilisation on site. Moreover, the design is such that large hatches give access to both local controls and all equipment inside the housing.

Careful selection

Each booster works in series with at least one other dredge pump. The right combination of equipment is essential to succeed, hence the dredger is the starting point. The selection of the booster pump is based on overall required pressure and therefore power. The range of boosters available guarantees that the perfect interface can be found whether a submersed or in board dredge pump is used on the dredger.

Smart power

The dredge pump in the booster unit is directly driven by a radiator cooled Caterpillar diesel engine. This first class engine has a constant power over a large speed range. All engines meet the IMO Tier II regulations – yet we can use a different diesel engine as per your requirements, or we can go for the all-electric option.

Available for fast delivery: a BS500

Ideally to match a 500 mm (20 inch) dredger, this booster is ready for sale at our Damen Dredging yard.

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Dredging requires more than a good dredger. It requires crew training, it requires dredge piping and it requires project management. Damen can help you start up your project, and we are also there for you during the full lifecycle of your dredger.

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You don’t have to build a Damen vessel at a Damen yard. We can support construction at any yard in the world.

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We provide a wide range of financing arrangements for all types of Damen vessels, equipment and products.

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