Defence & Security

Damen has an established history in building Naval Ships. Our range of Security and Patrol Vessels – from 7 metres to more than 200 metres – offers unrivalled seakeeping behaviour, speed and reliability.

Damen’s extensive R&D department represents a powerful

Research & Development

Our R&D teams are continuously improving our vessels – making them faster, quieter, more economical and more environmentally friendly. The Enlarged Ship Concept and the Sea Axe are just some of the pioneering designs that we have developed.

The Damen Naval Shipbuilding range of security and patrol vessels offers unrivalled seakeeping behaviour,


Damen’s standard designs offer numerous advantages:

  • - Fast delivery
  • - Competitive pricing
  • - Tried & tested technology
  • - Best price-quality ratio
  • - High resale value

We build a wide variety of standard

Hulls in stock

To reduce delivery times to a minimum, we build vessels for stock. Customers can fine-tune their vessel with a large range of options to meet their specific requirements.


Air Defence and Command Frigate

An outstanding platform with excellent self-defence capability and powerful air defences. Its modern AAW suite of combat systems is based on the APAR and SMART-L combination.

Sigma Frigate & Corvette

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) is renowned for its successful series of SIGMA Naval Combatants. SIGMA vessels can accommodate specific customer platform and combat system requirements.


Sigma Fast Attack

With a hull based on the proven SIGMA series, these fast attack vessels share a common theme concerning systems layout and structural design.

Crossover Series

The Enforcer philosophy guarantees a flexible arrangement of deck spaces


Combining the successes of the ENFORCER LPDs and the SIGMA Combatant Series, Damen has created a unique class: the CROSSOVER.

Patrol Vessel

The Damen Offshore Patrol Vessel for a wide variety of tasks in regions where there is a low-level of threat.

Ocean Going Patrol Vessel

The Holland Class Ocean Going Patrol Vessel is ideal for security operations such as shipping monitoring, boarding operations and patrol duties.

Flexible mission modules and modular manning concepts make anything possible.

Offshore Patrol Vessel

Damen’s versatile range of Offshore Patrol Vessels is suitable for navies and coastguards in regions exhibiting a low level of threat.

The Sea Axe hull shape guarantees the best seakeeping performance at high speeds

Stan Patrol

Stan Patrol craft are fully equipped for patrol duties in harbours, coastal waters and offshore. The range is founded on Damen’s Enlarged Ship Concept.

damen interceptor 1102


Designed for ultra-high-speed patrol duties in all waters, Damen Interceptors can outpace most other vessels.

The Sea Axe hull shape guarantees the best seakeeping performance at high speeds

Fast Crew Suppliers Security

The Damen Fast Crew Supplier is suited for fast and safe transport of personnel and supplies. The Sea Axe hull gives these vessels unparalleled seakeeping behaviour.

Especially designed for high-speed patrol duties in all waters.


Damen RHIBs are ideal for high-speed military and emergency operations in all waters where speed and extreme manoeuvrability are crucial.

Amphibious Series

Designed according to Naval Classification standards

Landing Platform Dock

Damen’s amphibious LPD carries battalions of troops and their vehicles as well as acting as flight deck or helicopter hangar.

Landing Ship mission requirements are supporting and secondary mission tasks required by modern naval platforms of this size

Landing Ship

The Damen Landing Ship range fulfils all the traditional mission requirements in addition to support and secondary mission tasks.

The Landing Craft are particularly useful when harbour infrastructure

Landing Craft

Experience has shown that Damen Landing Craft are extremely adaptable. They are particularly effective at providing aid and support in areas lacking harbour infrastructure.

Stan Lander

The Damen Stan Lander range is designed to support with all kinds of logistic operations, specifically for areas which have limited abilities to load/unload. All Stan Landers are equipped with a large bow ramp, providing access to the cargo deck, whether it is rolling cargo, containers, people or fluids. The Stan Lander can be fully customized to your requirements.


Logistic Support Vessel

The Damen Naval Support series is a cost effective, flexible and highly capable addition to any fleet.

Joint Support Ship

The Joint Support Ship is a robust multifunctional platform for maritime support, strategic sealift and sea-based missions.

Hydrographic Survey Vessel

This cost effective range of vessels can conduct a wide variety of hydrographic survey duties for military and commercial purposes.

Damen offers range of three Multi Role Auxilary Vessels (MRAV)

Multi-Role Auxiliary Vessel

Many naval tasks allow for flexible clustering in compact auxiliary vessels. This adaptable multifunctionality is the conceptual basis for the DAMEN range of Multi-Role Auxiliary Vessels (MRAV).

Escape Gear Ship / Rescue Gear Ship

Submarine Rescue Vessel

SOLAS vessel providing submarine support and rescue services.

Training Vessels

Sail Training Vessels

Learning the ropes – these magnificent vessels play an vital role in the training and team building of naval cadets.

Multi-role training platform and support vessel

Training Vessels

The Damen Training Vessels provide a sophisticated platform to perform diverse training and support duties.

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